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The update from Apple and Google may have resulted in incorrect advertising data (e. g. ROAS)

Measure your advertising data  (e. g. ROAS) with Adverfly yourself to optimize the right ads.


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Why does sales increase with Adverfly while maintaining the same advertising budget?

Since the IOS14+ update and the upcoming Google update (blocking all third-party cookies), you can no longer attribute interactions and purchases to your campaigns! And even if they are measured, it can take up to 72 hours to attribute them or to see them...

The result: your metrics are incorrect, such as your ROAS in your campaigns. With Adverfly, you can see your real values. This means that you might want to end a campaign because Facebook shows you a ROAS of 0.3, but in the Adverfly dashboard, you will see that it is actually a ROAS of 4.5, so you continue the campaign because the advertising campaign is performing well.

With Adverfly, you can read your tracked and real data in the dashboard and manage your advertising campaigns accordingly.

How does Adverfly solve the problem?
With Adverfly, you receive a self-developed new way of real-time measurement, with which you can see which advertising campaigns and influencers generate the most revenue, and scale them:

🌟 Real-time tracking

📱 Cross-device, cross-session, and cross-domain

🍎 Track again with IOS14+

🇩🇪 Made and hosted in Germany

🇪🇺 GDPR-compliant

In summary,
the faster and more accurately your interactions and purchases are attributed to your advertising campaigns, the more effectively you can invest your advertising budget in profitable campaigns and end unprofitable campaigns in a timely manner.

Why Adverfly?
Without Adverfly


Paid Social Media Tracking

Modeling (estimates), blockages, ...

Combine with Influencer Marketing Tracking

Hosting on German servers

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Achieve more sales with the same advertising budget now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your questions

Can I only use Adverfly for online stores?

Adverfly can be used for almost any e-commerce platform, with Shopify being the only one that is automatically set up after registration. For other e-commerce platforms, feel free to contact us via "Contact" page. Lead generation is also possible, feel free to contact us for that as well.

Why Adverfly and not another solution?

The list is long, here are a few advantages among many. With us, you have a tool that is GDPR compliant, offers influencer tracking, achieves high tracking rates, and at the best prices. Comparable solutions often cost several times more or do not have this range of important features.

Who is Adverfly for?

Adverfly is for any advertiser, we only differ by traffic, each package offers full functionality. It doesn't matter if your advertising budget is under $1k or over $1 Mio., we have customers in all areas, as the tracking rate does not differ, with higher revenues.

How can we offer these prices to our customers?

We have invested a lot of time (over 1.5 years) into efficient programming and automation to be able to offer these prices.

Does it also work with other providers, such as Elopage?

As long as you can edit the code, it is possible. Our IT specialist will gladly set it up for you (without extra cost). To do this, simply contact us after registration with a short message under "Contact".

What metrics does Adverfly display?

In your personal dashboard, a variety of metrics will be displayed, such as clicks, add-to-cart & sales, ROAS, expenses and many more.

Are multiple sub-accounts possible?

Yes, it is possible, please contact us so that our technician can set it up for you for free.

Any questions?

Didn't find an answer? Just ask us!